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[O] Formatting R output

From: Neuwirth Erich
Subject: [O] Formatting R output
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 14:12:00 +0200

I am using org-mode with R.
I already wrote a message about formatting inline code some time ago.
After working more with R in org-mode (which I _really_ like) I have some
questions and/or suggestions.

1) a mild annoyance.

src_R{1+1} inserts the result 2 in the output. In fact, it inserts =2=.
When one runs the file repeatedly, org-mode does not remove older results.
So if I replace src_R{1+1} by src_R{2+2} and do not remove the last output,
My file will contain 

src_R{2+2} =4= =2= 

Also, If I run the inline code segment by C-c C-c one, the org file ail contain 
just 1
correct result, bit if afterwards I export the file (to LaTeX or html),
the exported file will have 2 copies of the result.

Is there anything the developers can do about this?

2) formatting inline output.
As discussed above, using inline code produces something like
src_R{2+2} =4=

In some cases, I would like the result to be not on fixed font.
Currently, I to not see a way of removing the equal signs before and after the 
they seem to be added by org itself, therefore I cannot use trickery in R to 
remove them.
Could the developers think of an option which would allow to get the result
without the bracketing equal signs?

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