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Re: [O] list-load-path-shadows

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: [O] list-load-path-shadows
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2012 09:54:32 -0400

Thomas S. Dye <address@hidden> wrote:

> Nick Dokos <address@hidden> writes:
> > Thomas S. Dye <address@hidden> wrote:
> >
> >> Aloha all,
> >> 
> >> I'm working to understand why my initialization files don't work if I
> >> compile org from git, but do seem to work (that is, initialization runs
> >> to completion) when I don't compile org from git.  Right now I've
> >> installed org from git and have run make uncompiled.
> >> 
> >
> > It might be a good idea to run with --debug-init in the compiled case
> > and get a backtrace.
> Hi Nick,
> After make compile, starting emacs --debug-init yields this backtrace:
> Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-function org-find-library-dir)
>   (org-find-library-dir "org")
>   (file-name-directory (org-find-library-dir "org"))
>   (expand-file-name "../contrib" (file-name-directory (org-find-library-dir 
> "org")))
>   (file-name-as-directory (expand-file-name "../contrib" (file-name-directory 
> (org-find-library-dir "org"))))
>   (expand-file-name "scripts" (file-name-as-directory (expand-file-name 
> "../contrib" (file-name-directory (org-find-library-dir "org")))))
>   (file-name-as-directory (expand-file-name "scripts" (file-name-as-directory 
> (expand-file-name "../contrib" (file-name-directory (org-find-library-dir 
> "org"))))))
>   (expand-file-name "ditaa.jar" (file-name-as-directory (expand-file-name 
> "scripts" (file-name-as-directory (expand-file-name "../contrib" 
> (file-name-directory (org-find-library-dir "org")))))))
>   eval((expand-file-name "ditaa.jar" (file-name-as-directory 
> (expand-file-name "scripts" (file-name-as-directory (expand-file-name 
> "../contrib" (file-name-directory (org-find-library-dir "org"))))))))
>   custom-initialize-reset(org-ditaa-jar-path (expand-file-name "ditaa.jar" 
> (file-name-as-directory (expand-file-name "scripts" (file-name-as-directory 
> (expand-file-name "../contrib" (file-name-directory (org-find-library-dir 
> "org"))))))))
>   custom-declare-variable(org-ditaa-jar-path (expand-file-name "ditaa.jar" 
> (file-name-as-directory (expand-file-name "scripts" (file-name-as-directory 
> (expand-file-name "../contrib" (file-name-directory (org-find-library-dir 
> "org"))))))) "Path to the ditaa jar executable." :group org-babel :type 
> string)
> AFAICT, org-find-library-dir is a macro defined in org-compat.el.  Not
> sure why compiling would make it disappear.  Initialization runs to
> completion when org isn't compiled.
> > I doubt the shadowing you discuss below makes a difference here (but
> > I could be wrong).
> >

Looks like I was wrong :-) The custom shadowing seems to play a role.
Just guessing, it's probably a chicken-and-egg situation: you load the
custom file before org gets initialized and there is no autoload that
manages to get the macro defined before it is used.

One way to break the loop is to not use the macro in your custom file:
replace it by its definition. Another way is to delete the customization
of org-ditaa-jar-path from the custom file and include it after org gets
initialized. Both of these are to be considered workaround hacks than
solutions, but it's hard to propose a solution without knowing exactly
what the problem is.

If you still can't make it work, please post the initialization file(s)
and the two custom files and maybe somebody can figure out something.


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