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Re: [O] org-pretty-entities and org-cdlatex

From: Thomas Holst
Subject: Re: [O] org-pretty-entities and org-cdlatex
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2012 13:32:53 +0200
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Hi Carsten,

here is an update on the subject. I performed a another test with emacs
23.3.1 under cygwin X11. I see same behaviour as under WinXP.

Maybe I have to clarifiy what I did. So here is a step by step

Inside an orgmode document do the following:

  Set =org-pretty-entities= to nil

  (setq org-pretty-entities nil)  C-x C-e

  now type =ab_cdef= inside a LaTeX environment \(  \). As a result I get:

  \( ab_{cdef} \)

  Now turn on =org-pretty-entities=

  (setq org-pretty-entities t) or C-c C-x \ and again type =ab_cdef= in
  an LaTeX environment. As a result I get:

  \( ab_{c}def \)

  Which is not what cdlatex doc says.

I tested this with 
emacs-version  23.3.1 under cygwin
               23.2 under WinXP
      under WinXP

Emacs started as posted in my pevious post. =emacs -Q= and minimal
org-mode and org-cdlatex setup.

org-mode Version:
release_7.9.1-138-geeb5b9 @ c:/daten/users/DE_hts2fe/git/org-mode/lisp/

I get the same results in all tree cases.

I hope that clarifies what I ment originally. Sorry for not beeing clear.

Bis neulich ...

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