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Re: [O] ELPA/org-export + org-e-*

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: [O] ELPA/org-export + org-e-*
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2012 11:49:49 +0530
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> There is still the point of discoverability.  

Discoverability is an issue when there are search engines, hmmm!

> Many more users already have the tromney/marmalade archives in their
> .emacs.  

Have you looked at the default value of `package-archives'? It is in
*everyone's* Emacs (for some values of Emacs).  (Contrast it with many
more users.)

Informed users should abandom tromey's own alpha version of package.el.

> If every package hosted its own archive, then ELPA would be too
> cumbersome to use.

Orgmode is a first-class Emacs package.  If I were you, I would set the
`package-archives' either directly by patching package.el or by
custom-saving it in org-install.el.

> If every package hosted its own archive

Also this argument is akin to saying "Farmers cannot sell their own
produce.  They should all sell to a co-operative or a neighbourhood

IMHO, having more farmers sell their own goods is good both for the
farmers and good for consumers.  It eliminates middlemen.  Remember, a
tar package is transported via interwebs not by trucks.  So middlemen
are not really required save for search engines.

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