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[O] Export properties as (csv) table

From: Bernd Weiss
Subject: [O] Export properties as (csv) table
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2012 20:04:10 +0200
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Dear all,

Let's say I have the following entries and their associated properties. Is there an easy way to export these information as csv formated table?

* Marc, Mart                                           :Mart_Marc::
    :name: Marc, Mart
    :typ: diss
    :empirisch: ja
    :status: angemeldet
* Marc, Mart2                                          :Mart_Marc2:
    :name: Marc, Mart2
    :typ: diss
    :empirisch: ja
    :status: angemeldet

The final csv table would look like this:

name, typ, empirisch, status
Mart, Marc; diss; ja; angemeldet
Mart2, Marc; diss; ja; angemeldet

I played around with dynamic blocks and spent some time trying to understand the property API but since my elips skills are very (very) limited to no avail...



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