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Re: [O] Strange Problem with "org-agenda-redo"

From: François Allisson
Subject: Re: [O] Strange Problem with "org-agenda-redo"
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2012 14:45:24 +0200
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> > Thanks a lot! I confirm that everything works just fine. And not just as
> > before, but better than before: I like the fact that, in a block agenda
> > view, one agenda can move in time independently from another one. I'll
> > play with that a bit and give you some feedback on it.
> Yes -- also note that `r' and `g' now refresh differently in multi
> agendas.  `r' keep the temporary parameters for the agenda under the
> point, while `g' restore the view from scratch (discard temporary
> change in the time span etc.)  I think this is useful -- at least
> more useful than a half-broken state of multi-agendas handling :)
> -- 
>  Bastien

Hi Bastien,

After several tests with multiple agendas in a block agenda view, I just
found one strange case (or perhaps it is a feature?):

When one tries `.' (org-agenda-today) on an agenda that is either in the
past or in the future, *and* if another agenda already shows today's
day, then the cursor just jump to that other agenda, and does not go to
today on the current agenda.

Except for that case, all other commands (`f', `b', `r', `g', etc.) and
situations work in that context as one would expect them to work. This
is nice!


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