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[O] Using double square brackets literally (escaping link conversion) in

From: Giuseppe Pagnoni
Subject: [O] Using double square brackets literally (escaping link conversion) in org-mode
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2012 12:20:38 +0200

Hi all,

I use org-mode for taking notes and I often need to jot down code
examples.  In the language R, subscription is often done with double
square brackets (for instance, I can extract the 2nd element of a
`list' object x with the code: x[[2]]).  Now, I haven't been able to
write such example code within org-mode, without them turning
automatically into hyperlinks (I am talking about the plain emacs
interface here, which is what I use most, not about exporting into
formats such as latex or HTML).

Is there a way to disable automatic link conversion for text enclosed
into double square brackets on a case-by-case basis (i.e., use double
square brackets as verbatim, non-link, text)?  I have found that I can
still *see* the brackets if I toggle org-toggle-link-display, but that
seems like a poor workaround since the text within the brackets is
still considered a hyperlink.  I have looked quite a bit into the
manual and on the mailing list for an answer, but to no avail...

Thanks in advance for any suggestion



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