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Re: [O] TODO + org-mobile-push vs. org-store-link

From: James Harkins
Subject: Re: [O] TODO + org-mobile-push vs. org-store-link
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2012 13:07:13 +0800
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At Tue, 04 Sep 2012 12:50:44 +0800,
James Harkins wrote:
> Now, if I also want to link to this item (why?*), I would hit C-c l on the 
> TODO headline, which tries to assign another SHA id. Then I get a mess.
> ~~~
> * TODO A headline to link
>   :ID:       331b4df1-3974-4c1b-aa67-a519af8b7b3d
>   :END:
> :END:      ** A subheading
> ~~~
> (I'm not sure if the ID is the same before or after C-c l.)
> So we have two :END: markers and -- *worse* -- the subheading has been moved 
> up to the previous line, where it is no longer a subheading.
> I'm quite sure I did org-mobile-push before storing the link. I suspect 
> org-store-link may not be checking sufficiently for an existing ID, and 
> trying to put the ID into a place where it expects to find no :PROPERTIES: 
> block (but there is one).

Hm, wait, that's not quite right. The beamer trees are in a separate file 
specifically because I did not want to push them onto my phone.

So I'm not sure exactly what happened.

There's a link in one of my org-agenda/mobile files to the top heading of the 
beamer file. I did do an org-mobile-push in the morning. But I just confirmed 
with a quick test that mobile-push does NOT greedily scan through any org 
buffers and add IDs to TODOs, schedules. So the errant :PROPERTIES: block 
(which I assume is the source of the extra :END:) didn't come from there... but 
it did come from somewhere.

Ah... another dim memory... I copied this content out of a file that *is* 
pushed. Probably those headings acquired IDs when they were part of the other 
file, and I didn't delete the properties in the new file.

But I still can't reproduce it with a simple file :(  so I don't know quite 
what causes it, only that something screwy happened when storing a link to a 
heading that had already been property-ified.


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