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Re: [O] agenda bulk actions

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: [O] agenda bulk actions
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2012 08:41:09 -0700
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On Sun, Sep 02 2012, Bastien wrote:

> Hi Eric,
> Eric Abrahamsen <address@hidden> writes:
>> It seems to me there's some odd overlap here: we've got 'k' bound to
>> `org-agenda-action', which is used for marking items and shifting their
>> dates to the date under point, or for capturing using the date under
>> point as a default. Then there's 'm' and 'B', which are used for marking
>> items and… doing everything/anything else.
>> Having two different ways of marking agenda items and operating on them
>> seems odd to me. 
> Yes, a merge was needed here.
>> In my (very subjective) opinion, it would be much nicer
>> to have a single set of functions for this. What I'm envisioning is:
>> 1. Use only m/B for all marking and bulk actions. When we hit 's' or 'd'
>>    for reschedule or re-deadline, use the date under point (if there is
>>    one) as a default. This covers the 'k' functionality for scheduling
>>    and deadlines.
> It is implemented now.
>> 2. Have the regular capture interface check org-context to see if point
>>    is on an agenda date. If it is, use that as the default date for any
>>    date fields. This covers the 'k' functionality for capture.
> `k' now calls `org-agenda-capture' in agendas, which does this.
>> 2(a). If the above is too intrusive, provide a single org agenda key
>>       ('k' would now be free) that calls org-capture using date under
>>       point as a default.
> You have `org-capture-use-agenda-date' which, when set to `t', will
> let M-x org-capture RET behave exactly like `k'.

Thanks a lot! I think these are very nice improvements.

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