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[Orgmode] Re: Example of a project for you?

From: Bernt Hansen
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Example of a project for you?
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 09:32:56 -0400
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[cced the org-mode mailing list since this might be useful for other people]

"Xavier Maillard" <address@hidden> writes:

> I read your org-mode tutorial which I found just great.
> Could you explain to me what you really call a project ? (and give an
> example of what it looks like in org-mode)

Hi Xavier,

Everything is a project.  A project is just a task.  All of my TODO
tasks start at level 2

* Miscellaneous
** TODO Some Project
*** TODO Step 1             :NEXT:
*** TODO Step 2

My stuck projects view complains about any level 2 task (or level 1
refile task) that does not have a :NEXT: task under it and is not
scheduled for a specific day.

i.e. If there was no :NEXT: task then the stuck projects view would say
that 'Some Project' was stuck and needs the next task defined.

If it's a simple task with a known scheduled/deadline date then I just
create the date and it keeps it off the stuck projects list.  It will
show up in my agenda with an appropriate lead time.

If it's a simple task without a date I can just give it a :NEXT: task

** TODO Simple Task        :NEXT:

and it's no longer stuck.  I can work on it anytime when I pick stuff
off my NEXT task agenda view.

I don't want to explicitly say 'this thing is a project'.  That's an
extra step I don't need.  A project isn't special in any way for me -- I
group tasks into separate org files to keep them logically together.  I
normally don't think about projects and tasks separately - everything is
a project and I create NEXT tags on tasks to make them all unstuck.

Does that help?


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