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[Orgmode] Re: Overview of agenda files

From: Vladi Solutka
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Overview of agenda files
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 20:39:55 +0000 (UTC)
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Carsten Dominik <dominik <at> uva.nl> writes:

> > All I currently miss is the possibility to have a top overview of my
> > projects, listing the count of the different keywords (since each
> > project has its own file, this would be in fact an overview of my
> > agenda files). 


> There is nothing built-in to make something like this, but using  
> dynamic blocks and the entry mapper, it can be implemented compactly.
> Load the following code, in .emacs or so....


Wow, thanks alot :-) I thought about writing an external script since
I don't really know too much about lisp, but I definitely prefer a 
'native' solution. Unfortunately I get a 

Lisp error: (void-variable my-count-todo-states-internal)

Stack trace:
(lambda nil my-count-todo-states-internal)()
 org-scan-tags(my-count-todo-states-internal t)
 org-map-entries(my-count-todo-states-internal nil agenda :name
"count-todo-states" :states ("TODO" "WAIT" "LATER") :content #("\n" 0 1
(fontified t)))
 apply(org-map-entries my-count-todo-states-internal nil agenda (:name
"count-todo-states" :states ("TODO" "WAIT" "LATER") :content #("\n" 0 1
(fontified t))))
 org-dblock-write:count-todo-states((:name "count-todo-states" :states ("TODO"
"WAIT" "LATER") :content #("\n" 0 1 (fontified t))))

I had a look into the code but got somewhat lost, sorry ... :-|
(BTW currently I use emacs 22.3 on windows).

> I have made the file names links,
> I am not sure what you mean by making links of the counts.....

I thought about making the count numbers links that automagically 
open the corresponding file and execute a sparse todo-tree command; 
this would help to ie quickly view all my 'WAITING' entries (complete 
w/ context) of a specific project. 

I was also hoping the be able to (a) differentiate in the 
overview between scheduled and unscheduled (kind of 'open') entries and 
(b) to open sparse trees only showing these unscheduled entries (see my 
other post "custom commands 'todo-tree' and org-agenda-skip-function").

Anyway, thanks very much for all your effort!

--- \\/ladi

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