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[Orgmode] Make install-info not really installing into info

From: Peter Kjær Monsson
Subject: [Orgmode] Make install-info not really installing into info
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 20:18:43 +0200

Hi all,

First off, thanks for an awesome emacs mode. I've had the mode which
standard Emacs 22 provided, but I was looking for some improved date
handling (which 6.07b has, woohoo!) so I downloaded and installed it. The
installation seems to work great except that install-info doesn't really
inject the info file into the dir file of my non-standard directory of

Now this is not a patch since I'd have to sign a lot of papers - which would
take ages - so the following lines are something I've seen other emacs modes
have makefiles that included a lines similar to this which solved the
problem. Maybe you could do something similar for an other release. All
names are pure coincidence.

# Name of the program to install info files

install-info: # ... lot's of other stuff here ...
        $(INSTALL_INFO) --info-file=$(INFOFILES) --info-dir=$(infodir)

Best Regards
Peter Kjær Monsson

[1] I use a nonstandard directory for info files in order to create a
portable, version controlled .emacs.d fork that can be dropped in anywhere
and doesn't give me permission problems.

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