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Re: [Orgmode] [PATCH 4/9] Fix link display in imenus and the refile inte

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] [PATCH 4/9] Fix link display in imenus and the refile interface
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2008 08:25:14 +0200

Hi James,

I am not accepting this particular patch in its current form. It does not work for links to do not have a description part. Also, it relies on replace-regexp-in-string, which does not exist in XEmacs I believe.

I am still thinking about %< patch (patch 7/9), need to test is a bit.

All the rest goes in for 6.08, thank you very much.

- Carsten

On Sep 20, 2008, at 11:09 PM, James TD Smith wrote:

Replace links with their descriptions in when generating the items for imenus
and the refile interface.

lisp/ChangeLog |    4 ++++
lisp/org.el    |    8 +++++++-
2 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/lisp/ChangeLog b/lisp/ChangeLog
index 3896ddf..b52700d 100755
--- a/lisp/ChangeLog
+++ b/lisp/ChangeLog
@@ -1,5 +1,9 @@
2008-09-20  James TD Smith  <address@hidden>

+       * org.el (org-get-refile-targets): Replace links with their
+       descriptions
+       (org-imenu-get-tree): Replace links with their descriptions
        * org-agenda.el (org-agenda-get-closed): show durations of clocked
        items as well as the start and end times.

diff --git a/lisp/org.el b/lisp/org.el
index cdbe7bb..99b62d0 100644
--- a/lisp/org.el
+++ b/lisp/org.el
@@ -7866,7 +7866,10 @@ on the system \"/address@hidden:\"."
                (while (re-search-forward descre nil t)
                  (goto-char (point-at-bol))
                  (when (looking-at org-complex-heading-regexp)
-                   (setq txt (match-string 4)
+                   (setq txt (save-match-data
+                               (replace-regexp-in-string
+                                org-bracket-link-analytic-regexp "\\5"
+                                (match-string 4)))
                          re (concat "^" (regexp-quote
                                          (buffer-substring (match-beginning 1)
                                                            (match-end 4)))))
@@ -14673,6 +14676,9 @@ Show the heading too, if it is currently invisible."
            (looking-at org-complex-heading-regexp)
            (setq head (org-match-string-no-properties 4)
                  m (org-imenu-new-marker))
+           (setq head (replace-regexp-in-string
+                       org-bracket-link-analytic-regexp
+                       "\\5" head))
            (org-add-props head nil 'org-imenu-marker m 'org-imenu t)
            (if (>= level last-level)
                (push (cons head m) (aref subs level))

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