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[Orgmode] Re: spreadsheet in org

From: Thomas Baumann
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: spreadsheet in org
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2008 12:48:49 +0200
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>>> Or is there a totally better way to do this? I didnt see a way for all
>>> fields to auto calculate when a certain field was changed. One has to
>>> tab over the "#" in the left hand column. Or?
>> As the manual says: C-u C-c *
> That is not the same thing as auto recalculation as in excel or similar
> : you must manually invoke it. This is easily forgotten (well by me :-;)

Fortunately, there is _no_ auto-recalculation, it would slow down
things significantly on large tables with complex formulas.

> If I tab to a field above and press enter a new row appears. It is bound
> to org-return. (Latest version). Also there is no preselection of the cell
> contents so if I type "8" when I have tabbed to the "cashbank" field
> above then I get "| 8 2040 |".

tab into the field and start writing... believe me, it works (org 6.06b
and all versions I used since the tables were introduced.)

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