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Re: [Orgmode] date marking with (org-diary)

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] date marking with (org-diary)
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 11:37:02 +0200

On Aug 15, 2008, at 10:45 AM, Ulf Stegemann wrote:

Hi all,

I was recently playing around with marking org agenda items in the
calendar using (org-diary) in the diary file. I encountered a problem
already described by Wanrong Lin some time ago (see
Unfortunately no answers were given to his original request so here it
comes again:

Including agenda items into the diary with '&%%(org-diary ...' is
something I personally find pretty useless as the dates of those items
are not fontified in the calendar. Using '%%(org-diary ...' would be
fine but the entries to use (':scheduled', ':todo' aso) cannot be
limited any further. This not only leads to unacceptable delays while
calendar tries to fontify its buffer but also to a calendar with nearly
everyday marked. My intent was to mark dates with appointments only (I
have scheduled items, todos etc. nearly everyday so there's no need to
mark them). In my case this means that (org-diary) would need to
distinct between different TODO keywords. However, filtering based on
tags or date/time formats would be fine, too.

My question now is: Is there currently any way to achieve such a
filtering with (org-diary)? And if not, are there any plans to enhance
(org-diary) in that direction?



Hi Ulf,

this is not supported yet, and I have no concrete plans to implement
this.  Marking entries in the calendar will always be unacceptably
slow, because the way the calendar/diary implements this is creating
the list of appointment for each of the 90+ days in the calendar
display.  Even with filtering, this would be slow - basically one
would have to rewrite the code in the diary.

Why don't you just use the week agenda to see which days are free?
Since version 6.05, we have the following functionality:

- Carsten

           Making use of the cursor position in the agenda

* Calling remember with the cursor date in the agenda
  If you want to use the date at the agenda cursor in a
  remember template, start remember from the agenda with the
  keys `k r'.  While the template is being filled in, the
  default date for all time stamps, and also for all
  interactive escapes like `%^t' is now the date at the cursor
  in the agenda.  The exact same command can also be used from
  the calendar if you prefer that.
* Picking a date for scheduling/deadline in the agenda
  You may now pick the date for scheduling an item or for
  setting a deadline in the agenda, where you have the best
  overview over free time slots.  This is a two step process.
  1. First you pick the entry that should be acted upon.  In
     the agenda, you use the keys `k m'.  In an org-mode file,
     this is on `C-c C-x C-k'.
  2. Then you find the agenda date you want to apply.  When the
     cursor is anywhere in the block belonging to that date,
     press `k s' to schedule, or `k d' to put a deadline.  The
     agenda is not updated immediately, press `r' if you want
     it to show the affected entry in the right place.

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