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[Orgmode] Suggestions for features OR Help?

From: David A. Gershman
Subject: [Orgmode] Suggestions for features OR Help?
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 18:11:28 -0700
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Hello All,

I'm fairly new to Org-Mode, but common to Emacs.  I've have a need to
create a task which is made up of sub-tasks.  Each sub-task in turn has
actions which comprise it.

Each action, I'd like it to have a checkbox so that the sub-task can
track percent complete.  Like so:

  * Sub-Task [66%]
    - [X] Action 1
    - [ ] Action 2
    - [X] Action 3

Once the sub-task is complete, I can set it's TODO label:

  * COMPLETED Sub-Task [100%] - 2008/08/08 17:33:00

This is already how Org-mode works obviously.  My question/request is
this: is there a way to also track completeness via percentages for the
sub-tasks (headings)?  So I would have/see the following:

 * Primary Task [65%]
  * COMPLETED Sub-Task 1 [100%] - 2008/08/08 17:33:00...
  * Sub-Task 2 [24%]...
  * Sub-Task 3 [72%]...

The primary task percent would be based on 3 sub-tasks of equal weight, so:
  (1*.33) + (.24*.33) + (.72*.33) = 65%

I'd even be willing to settle for a primary task percent of just 33%
since only 1 sub-task is completed.

Any ideas?  Is something like this possible?

Gershman, David A.
Sr. Systems Engineer II
Information Assurance/CISSP
NCS - Fullerton, Raytheon Company

(714) 446-2669 office
(714) 407-3636 pager

1801 Hughes Drive
Fullerton, CA 92833

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