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[Orgmode] Slides with Org

From: Sebastian Rose
Subject: [Orgmode] Slides with Org
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 00:27:41 +0200
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Rick asked for Slides from Org-modes HTML export recently.
While there is no real support slides in org-info.js, I
still gave it try to have a poor mans slides.

The main missing thing was the ability to navigate the
section by clicking the window. This is now added and in
the worg git.

Please review and complain :-)

What's new?

  - press 'x' to switch to slide view mode.
  - #+INFOJS_OPT: view:slide

  In slide view mode:

  - click to go to the next section
  - dblclick to go back.

A little demo is attached to this email (unpack, go to the
folder org-slides and open slides.html in your browser.

For REAL slides a different tool should be written (using jQuery
or similar). Since slides are so different from 'normal' HTML, I
guess they would blow the scripts size. If I think of slides, I
think of efects.

Have Fun,

 - Sebastian

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