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[Orgmode] Counting of TODOs

From: Tim Burt
Subject: [Orgmode] Counting of TODOs
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 08:39:15 -0400

Flávio de Souza writes:
 > When I view the Global TODO list, altough all items are in the list.
 >  The summary shows the header counting wrongly.
 > I think I messed up the configuration, but I do not know how to fix. 
 > See the picture that explains better the problem:
 > http://picasaweb.google.com/flaviostz/Pessoal/photo?authkey=9o-gs3mU-rs#5237276931027050658

The "count" is not a count, but a numeric prefix to regenerate the agenda
buffer with only the corresponding TODO keyword displayed.  For
example, your screenshot shows
    Available with `N r': (0)ALL (1)TODO (2)WAITING (3)DONE
which filtering to see only WAITING entries is as simple as typing
    2 r

This behavior is indicated in the org manual in the discussion of 
    C-c a T
     Like the above, but allows selection of a specific TODO
     keyword. You can also do this by specifying a prefix argument to
     C-c a t. With a C-u prefix you are prompted for a keyword, and
     you may also specify several keywords by separating them with â|â
     as boolean OR operator. With a numeric prefix, the Nth keyword in
     org-todo-keywords is selected. The r key in the agenda buffer
     regenerates it, and you can give a prefix argument to this
     command to change the selected TODO keyword, for example 3 r. If
     you often need a search for a specific keyword, define a custom
     command for it (see Section 10.2 [Agenda dispatcher], page 67).
     Matching specific TODO keywords can also be done as part of a
     tags search (see Section 6.3 [Tag searches], page 43).

Good morning,

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