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[Orgmode] Export error

From: Yann Tambouret
Subject: [Orgmode] Export error
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 14:20:20 -0400
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I'm getting a weird error, printed below, when trying to export to latex. I don't seem to get anything when I try to export to postscript, and I assume these are related. It seems to be looking for org-cleaned-string-for-export, which I've found in older versions of org-mode, but I can't seem to find at all in the current version (I'm using the development version, I think). Can anyone suggest a way to test where org-mode is being loaded from or a way to track this error? I'm guessing I've messed up the install, or reinstall rather.


org-export-latex-content: Symbol's function definition is void: org-cleaned-string-for-export

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