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[Orgmode] org-publish

From: David O'Toole
Subject: [Orgmode] org-publish
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 00:04:53 -0400

I have some ideas for changes to org-publish. I am helping someone set
up a content-heavy site using Emacs and Org-Mode, and we ran into
several problems that I would like to fix. We have workarounds in place
but these immediately suggested interesting fixes. For example it
doesn't seem possible to publish to .PHP files but maybe I missed
something. I need to reread the code because there seem to have been
many changes since I last looked at it. Furthermore it did not seem
possible to control :auto-preamble and :auto-postamble on a per-file
basis (without setting up a special project just for that one file and
using include/exclude.) Anyone mind if I make some changes and send a
patch? Is there a more recent version than the one in CVS that i should
begin with? 

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