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[Orgmode] protecting ascii art

From: Scott Otterson
Subject: [Orgmode] protecting ascii art
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 14:54:27 -0700
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Is there a way to protect text regions from org mode parsing? When I paste the following under an org mode headline:

                  +-------+  +--------------> future x
          +----+  |predict|  |   +-------+
     x -->|TDL +--|   x   |--+-->|       |
          +----+  +-------+      |predict|--> future y
                                 |       |
          +----+                 |   y   |
     y -->|TDL +---------------->|       |
          +----+                 +-------+

org mode scrambles it. If I precede each line with a ':', org mode still scrambles it, but less so.



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