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Re: [Orgmode] Pop up reference card

From: lngndvs
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Pop up reference card
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2008 12:45:23 +1000

The following was my help for the /Cx-6 keymap.  I cleaned it up a
little, but it seems to also insert an expanded minibuffer on my
system, with a second copy of this momentarily displayed screen.  (The
functions were little utilities for a lexicon project).

Hope it makes it across.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;  HELP FOR \\C-x6 keys  ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(defvar my-keys-CX6
  (concat " | \\C-x4.: Goto last focus line        F8: Scientific Names    \n"
          " |                                      F9 : See-section        \n"
          " | \\C-x61:  tc-merge                   F10: fast-1995          \n"
          " | \\C-x62:  tc-twocolumns              F2: Swap-windows             
          " | \\C-x63:  ()                    \\C-xF2   Flipflop windows  \n" 
          " | \\C-x64:  ()                   \\C-x4F2  transpose-windows \n" 
          " | \\C-x65:  move-curly-eol-cmnt  \\C-x45  lex-move-curly (OLD)\n"   
          " | \\C-x66:  ()                      \n"                       
          " | \\C-x67:  ()                      \n"    
          " | \\C-x68:                          \n"
          " | \\C-x69: lex-remove-curly-brackets-region \n"              
          " | \\C-x60: shell-command-on-region \n"
          " | \\C-x6:: prepend-num-catcode                                  \n"
          " | \\C-x6f10: sort-lines                         \n"
          " | \\C-x6f9: sortex-retro       \\C-x6f8: unsortex-until  \n"
          " | \\C-x4- : focus  \\C-x+: unfocus  \\C--: focus-down  \\M--: 
focus-up  \n"
          " | \\C-x60 shell-cmnd-region \n")
  "*String displayed above current line by \\my-function-help].")
(defun my-functions-help-CX6 ()
  "Inserts a reminder of my own functions momentarily above current line, till 
next keystroke.
The ruler is defined by the value of column-ruler.
 The key typed is executed unless it is SPC."
       (save-excursion (point-min) (point))
     nil "Type SPC or any command to erase help.")))
(global-set-key (quote [24 54 f1]) (quote my-functions-help-CX6))

;;; End CX6-HELP


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