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[Orgmode] Latex exporting

From: Russell Adams
Subject: [Orgmode] Latex exporting
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 18:46:37 -0500
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I've finally embarked upon a journey of exploration, attempting to
publish quality PDF's via org and latex.

I've found that I'm creating my own headers and other items that must
be included before the \begin, and the only mechanism for adding them
is via the org-export-latex-append-header variable. I've added this to
my local variables block, but it is quite awkward.

I know I can customize the org-export-class variable, but it would be
difficult to customize on each document.

Did I miss a feature to specify LaTeX header information for the
exporter? I'm trying to add usepackages, fancyheader, etc.

Here's an example of what I'm putting in the local block:

#+ Local Variables:
#+ org-export-latex-title-command: ""
#+ org-export-latex-tables-column-borders: t
#+ org-export-latex-append-header: "\
#+ \\usepackage{graphicx}\
#+ \\renewcommand{\\headheight}{33pt}\
#+ \\fancyhead[L]{Header here}"
#+ End:


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