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[Orgmode] Summer challenge

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Summer challenge
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 12:59:44 -0700


ever heard of the IG Nobel prize [1] of the Journal of Improbable Research?
The annual awards meeting is always great to watch.

One of the things they do is that each speaker has to give
a 24/7 lecture on their subject. This means, they have to give
a complete technical description of their work in 24 words (may be
totaly crypic), and then a 7 word explanation that is more or
less understandable for the public, and it may be either
tongue in cheek or serious.  I find it a great exercise to
try to make these, over whatever subject.

Lets have a challenge for the best 24/7 lecture about org-mode
over the summer.  I am particular interested in good 7 word
summaries, because these are the most fun.


A 24 summary
Org-mode does outlining, note-taking, hyperlinks,
spreadsheets, TODO lists, project planning, GTD,
HTML and LaTeX authoring, all with plain text files
in Emacs.

3 examples for 7-word summary
1. Plain text notes and planning magic with Emacs.
2. Back to the future for plain text.
3. Chuck Norris would not use anything else.


- Carsten

[1] http://improbable.com/ig/

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