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Re: [Orgmode] skipping entries in daily/weekly view

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] skipping entries in daily/weekly view
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 07:24:39 -0700

On Jul 25, 2008, at 6:22 AM, Yann Tambouret wrote:

When making custom agendas, can you use the org-agenda-skip-function with the 'agenda' block type? I'm trying to do it, but I'm not successful. I take the example used in the manual's appendix, and I can successfully filer items for a 'todo' block type, but when I change the type and match items from 'todo' and 'next' to 'agenda' and '""', I get an empty daily/weekly agenda view, ie no events shown, but the dates are there. If I remove the org-agenda-skip-function option, I get my typical daily/weekly agenda, regardless of what I use for the match string.

Yes, the match string is completely ignored when constructing the daily/weekly agenda.  However, you should be able to set a skipping condition, or which you then need to construct the function that does the skipping yourself.

- Carsten

I'd like a daily/weekly view for headings tagged with ":HOME:" and a second daily/weekly view for headings tagged with ":WORK:".



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