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[Orgmode] org to lisp

From: Dan Davison
Subject: [Orgmode] org to lisp
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 20:09:02 +0100
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Is there an existing function that will convert an org syntax buffer
into a corresponding (recursive) lisp data structure? (preserving all
the metadata of each heading in some way?) I guess I'm thinking of
structs in C, but is this a natural thing to do in lisp? I think the
existence of such code might have been mentioned in Carsten's talk. If
so, then my second question is whether there's a recursive 'mapping'
function, to apply a function at each node of such a tree (and return
some recursive structure containing the results of those function
calls) (R users: I mean like rapply and dendrapply). My understanding
is that org-map-entries returns a flat, rather than a recursive, list,
and that it doesn't create a recursive representation of the buffer in
memory. But if it's the case that I simply haven't tried hard enough
to understand the code, please just say so! My current motivation is
to create a directory/filesystem tree corresponding to the org
tree. But I don't want to try to write an org-buffer traversal
function if there's existing code written by non-beginners.


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