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[Orgmode] Mac OS, emacs->org/remember

From: Madhu Rao
Subject: [Orgmode] Mac OS, emacs->org/remember
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 01:36:15 +0530

Is there a document/tutorial describing (to a relatively novice
emacs user) the set-up of org-mode usage with Mac OS apps.

In particular, I am looking for:
- keyboard shortcut suggestions on a Mac (from any where), for emacs-
- How to get mail.app mail references (and other apps) into emacs buffer
       (the copy url in the mail.app works - I would want to see the
       subject/author of the message, than a cryptic url. I know, I can
       edit that what I want, but I would rather have this automatic)
- Other productivity boosters: quicksilver interface to emacs, for ex.
       I don't know what all could be possible, but wanted to
       know others' experience here.

These seem to be generic emacs queries rather than
everything related to org-mode. I didn't want to split
these queries across since, I badly want to continue using org-mode
is pretty much the predominant reason I continue using emacs) after I
shifted to a Mac.

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