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[Orgmode] import from iCal (google calendar)

From: Alex Ivin
Subject: [Orgmode] import from iCal (google calendar)
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 16:29:14 +0500
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Hi everybody,

i know that command "icalendar-import-file" can be used for import from iCal format to org-mode/diary

I have local file downloaded from my GoogleCalendar , run the "icalendar-import-file" , put my local GoogleCalendar ics file as first argument, and empty file t1.org file as second argument.

But nothing happen. Only my local GoogleCalendar ics file opened in new buffer in "text mode".

What is wrong? GoogleCalenadar have  not valid iCal format?
Or i must to use other way?

Best regards
Alex Ivin

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