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[Orgmode] marking out-links

From: Jose A. Ortega Ruiz
Subject: [Orgmode] marking out-links
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2008 13:00:40 +0200
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One featurette that i would find useful is the possibility of
distinguising link types visually: for instance, having the link text
overlay display an additional mark (say, a * or a fancy unicode arrow)
when it is an http[s] or ftp link (as opposed to a link to a local file,
email, etc.). If providing the basic functionality is not difficult, one
can think of additional customizability like associating different
markers to different protocols and so on.

On a related note, it would also be useful to have a mode or command to
see the URL of the current link echo-ed in the minibuffer. I currently
use a quick-and-dirty command for that (it also puts the link in the
kill ring for convenience):

(defun jao-org-copy-link-at-point ()
  (if (thing-at-point-looking-at "\\[\\[\\([^]]+\\)\\]\\[[^]]+\\]\\]")
      (let ((link (substring-no-properties (match-string 1))))
        (kill-new link)
        (message "%s" link))
      (message "No link at point")))
(define-key org-mode-map "\C-cv" 'jao-org-copy-link-at-point)

but this doesn't work as an 'show link in the mini-buffer, in the sense
that i have to press C-cv to see the link.

What do you think?

In this age, the mere example of nonconformity, the mere refusal to bend
the knee to custom, is itself a service.
 -John Stuart Mill, philosopher and economist (1806-1873)

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