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[Orgmode] WISH: separate org-mode customization file

From: Harri Kiiskinen
Subject: [Orgmode] WISH: separate org-mode customization file
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2008 14:19:36 +0200

I was wondering, whether it might be possible to implement a separate
customization file for org-mode? I use two different computers, one with
Linux and other with XP, and an USB stick with Emacs installed, that I
can use at various places. I only synchronise my work files, though, and
it definitively is not possible to sync ~/.emacs between different
systems, so to have similar org-mode configuration on every system, I
have to do the customisation by hand in a separate file, which I then
sync between the systems.
        To ease this, I'd suggest adding a way to make org-mode use an external
customisation file to store the settings and everything, instead of the
~/.emacs or whatever it happens to be. I'd do something like that by
myself, but Emacs Lisp is just trees to me...

Best Wishes,

Harri K.

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