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[Orgmode] Org-mode version 4.66

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Org-mode version 4.66
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 09:21:29 +0100

Org-mode 4.66 is at:



- Carsten

Changes in Version 4.66

* Overview

  - Sorting of top-level entries works now if the region contains
    top-level entries, or if the cursor is before the first headline.
    Thanks to "redblue" for reporting this bug.

  - When entering date and time at the prompt, you can now mix
    entering text and selecting something in the calendar.  For
    example, enter 22:15 at the prompt without pressing RET, and then
    click on a date in the calendar.  Both pieces of information will
    be included in the resulting time stamp.  You can also use
    S-curser to move the cursor in the calendar to the desired date
    and then enter 22:15 and press RET at the prompt.

  - When setting a deadline or a schedule, entering a time now
    automatically selects the time stamp format that includes the
    time. Bug report (by means of a question) from Bastre.

  - C-c C-l can be used to convert a plain link into a bracket link.

  - Internal links now match inside (the visible part of) other
    links.  Thanks to Scott Otterson for reporting this bug.

  - iCalendar export of TODO items fixed, see also the variable
    `org-icalendar-include-todo'.  Thanks to Philipp Raschdorf.

  - The number of levels in the table of contents of an exported
    document can now be set independently of the number of headline
    levels.  For example:

       #+OPTIONS: H:4 toc:2

  - The command `C-c }' toggles the display of row and column numbers
    the the current table, to aid constructing formulas.  To try it,
    move the cursor to a table and press `C-c }', or use the menu

  - Orgtbl translation functions (introduced in 4.65) have been
    simplified using a generic function `orgtbl-to-generic' that can
    be used for very general languanges.  Writing your own translator
    should be very easy now.  More info in the manual.

  - CONTENTS visibility can be limited to a certain level.  The
    command `C-3 S-TAB' will switch to CONTENTS view and show the
    first 3 levels.

  - Bug fixes.

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