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RE: [Orgmode] POLL: Removing obsolete variables and features

From: Egli Christian \(KIRO 43\)
Subject: RE: [Orgmode] POLL: Removing obsolete variables and features
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 09:11:47 +0100

Hi Carsten 

> I am doing some cleaning up, and would like to remove from org-mode
> 11 customization variables (which I think nobody will ever use).

I'm all for simplifying org-mode and making maintenance of the code
easier by removing dead and unused code but please leave my little pet
feature in :-)

> ;; FIXME: This variable could be removed, default nil
> (defcustom org-agenda-include-all-todo nil

I am using this to see all the todos that I have not scheduled in my
agenda. Why would you want to remove it? What would the alternative be
if this variable was no longer? Always pressing C-u M-x org-agenda?

Maybe I could agree to the removal if I had another easy way to see my
unscheduled todos (that is as much in your face as the agenda-view).

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