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Re: [Orgmode] iCal Export Not Working to iCal 2.0.4

From: Philipp Raschdorff
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] iCal Export Not Working to iCal 2.0.4
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 02:39:58 +0100

Hi Alan,

I came across org-mode some time ago:
- I like the clutter  free way to enter and organize data, and
- it is truly platform independ: I use emacs on my MacBook running OS X and on the office I use a portable xemacs running under cygwin on my USB-stick. - I can even access my .org file from my nokia-handset when using MidpSSH (should work on any java enabled phone) - http://www.xk72.com/ midpssh/

*** org-mode and iCal -> org-mode-mailinglist archives

I wrote a request regarding org-mode and the export to .ics or iCal in august last year. I got some helpful suggestions especially from Piotr Zielinski and Pete Philips.
You can find more in the org-mode-archives:

        Subject: Emacs-Calendar export to iCal/vcal
        Date: 2006-08-23
        URL to topic: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/546

*** export from org-mode to iCal

How does it works:

1. create an .org-file that will include your appointments and todos using the org-mode syntax 2. putting this file to your webserver document root. On Mac OS X this is the ~/Sites folder.
3. Enable Web Sharing in the System Preferences
4. export this file to a .ics file using org-mode-export-to-ical
5. subscribing this calendar using iCal (your .ics file should be at http://localhost/~USERNAME/SUBDIRECTORY/.../FILE.ICS

Another approach would be to symlink the .ics file that has been exported from org-mode to corestorage.ics. But when you try this, the link will be overwritten each time, when you change something in the calendar in iCal (even when you make the link (read only).

If you want a more detailed description how to use the Symlink- Approach drop me an email.

Ok, back to the subscribe-to-ical-approach:

1. Create an org-file with your appointments and todos.
HINT 1: It seems that there has to be a first headline, when exporting to an .ics-file, because if the first line is a todo it will not get exported correctly.
HINT 2:         Todos without a deadline will not be exported!
HINT 3: it doesn't matter if a todo is marked done!

For testing you can copy & paste the content of my test.org-file:
Begin of file: test.org

* MyEmacsCalendar
** TODO [#A] built up a new bike
   DEADLINE: <2007-02-19>
** DONE [#A] read a good book
   DEADLINE: <2007-02-20>
** TODO [#B] save the planet
   DEADLINE: <2007-02-21>
** Meeting in the Office <2007-02-19 10:00>
** Run-Run-Run <2007-02-19 15:00>--<2007-02-19 Wed 17:30>
** Yoga <2007-02-20 08:00>--<2007-02-20 Thu 09:00>

Begin of file: test.org

2. Copy this file to your document root of your webserver:
The document root is the directory were your local webserver is hosting its files, you can check it out, by looking for the search term DocumentRoot in /etc/httpd/httpd.conf (this is your webserver configuration file) On a normal Mac OS X system, the document root is at ~/Sites (that is the Sites folder in your home directory).
You can access these files with http://localhost/~USERNAME/

3. make sure to enable 'Personal Web Sharing' in the System Preferences pane ('Sharing').

4. Open the .org-file with your appointments from the webserver document root location and export to an .ics file with:
    Ctrl+C   Ctrl+e   i

5. Start iCal and subcribe to the new .ics-file with http://localhost/ test.ics
    (if the file is in the webservers document root directory)

Please keep me informed when you run into any problems - we will figure it out :-)

*** export from org-mode to iCal and back to org-mode

Haven't tried any of the suggestions described above in the mailing- list archives, but it seems to be possible :-)

MY QUESTIONS regarding the topig org-mode and .ics/iCal:
- How can I export TODOS with missing Deadlines?
- How can I export TODOS that are marked DONE?
- More detailed instructions for syncing todos/appointments between .ics files (iCal) and emacs org-mode

sorry for any mistakes, but its in the middle of the night here...

- P hil

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