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[Orgmode] Org-mode verion 4.65

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Org-mode verion 4.65
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 15:50:03 +0100


I have released version 4.65 at


Among other things, this release provides a way to maintain LaTeX tale using the orgtbl mode.


Changes in Version 4.65

* Overview

- Orgtbl can be used to maintain tables in LaTeX, and in any other mode
  - Editing Lisp formulas for table improved.
  - Better structure for HTML exported tables.
- New "calculation" marker "/" to mark lines that should not be exported.

* Detailed description of changes

  - You can use orgtbl mode to maintain a LaTeX table, or pretty much
    any table in any mode.

    This does *not* work by making Orgtbl aware of LaTeX syntax.  That
    would be a box of Pandora I am not willing to open.  Instead, you
    use a normal Orgtbl-mode table, and a converter program to
    automatically place a LaTeX version of the table into the correct
    spot in the LaTeX file.  The orgtbl-mode table can be maintained
    inside the same file, in a block comment.

    I am providing a translators for LaTeX, HTML, and TeXInfo.  For
    other applications, you need to write one yourself - but that is
    not hard if you start from the LaTeX version and just modify it.

    Please read the manual for details.
http://staff.science.uva.nl/~dominik/Tools/org/org.html#Tables-in- arbitrary-syntax

    Thanks to Thomas Baumann for triggering this development through
    a request for a table-to-LaTeX converter.

  - In the special buffer to edit the formulas of a table (created
    with "C-c '", there is now better support for editing Lisp
    formulas.  TAB and M-TAB work like in an Emacs Lisp buffer,
    indenting lines and completing lisp symbols.  With the cursor on
    a line defining a complex Lisp formula, a first press on TAB will
    convert the formula into a pretty-printed version with proper
    linebreaks and indentation.  A second TAB folds the line back to
    the compact form.

  - Tables in HTML export have now additional structure elements
    defined.  The header (before the first hline) is wrapped into
    <thead>..</thead>, and each part of the body (as separated in
    org-mode by hlines) is wrapped into <tbody>..</tbody> tags.  I
    have also changed the CSS style for <td> fields and the value of
    `org-export-html-table-tag' to get cleaner tables. Basically,
    tables now have horizontal lines only where needed, and no
    vertical lines at all, as generally recommended for tables in
    printed text.  I like the new look, but I am not sure if this
    change will find general approval, please throw in your view if
    you like.  Thanks to Scott for driving this, and to goud-H for
    pointing me to the row grouping in tables.

  - In a table with calculation markers in the first column, you can
    now also put "/" into the first column.  It indicates that this
    line should not be exported.  The foremost application for this
    are lines containing only "<N>" markers for narrowing columns.

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