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[Orgmode] Diary integration in .ics export ?

From: Bastien
Subject: [Orgmode] Diary integration in .ics export ?
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 06:23:16 +0100
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Hi Carsten,

I use Org for project-related appointments, but i keep using my .diary
for at least three things: 

 1. "standalone" appointments 
 2. recurring appointments 
 3. alerts with (appt-activate)

For 1. and 2. it would be nice if appointments were part of the .ics
export.  For 3. it would require making scheduled events in org part
of the diary (org-insinuate-diary ?) so that the appt interface can
fetch and display them correctly -- but i'm skeptical on this one. 

Anyway, optionnal diary integration in the .ics export would really
come in handy.  Let me know if i can help on this.


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