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[Orgmode] Org Newbie Dream/Request for Feature - Display linked email in

From: CHENG Gao
Subject: [Orgmode] Org Newbie Dream/Request for Feature - Display linked email in org file
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2007 01:45:25 +0800
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I am an Org newbie with Org experience of about 2 hours. But I am so
excited. Through reading Dave's tutorial and a little manual, I decided
to use for many things.

One of them is business management.

Say some customer asks for quotation by email, and henthforth there
will be many email communications. Maybe many prices about many products
are quoted. And then no communication for fairly long time. Suddenly
someday this customer goes to place some order. So I have to search for
emails for the prices quoted.

I think it's possible to use Org for this quotation tracking.

Sure it's not agenda or todo but notes. Something like:

** Some Customer
Some day -- some quoation activity
[link to email]

What I want is some function to display linked emails internally in org
file. Some org-show-linked-email-internally. FYI, I use Gnus for email,
with nnimap mainly and nnml groups for archiving of email specifically
from some company (in biz) or someone.

>From Org manual I know Org can deal with external links fine, including
Gnus article link.

My questions:
1. Are these links buttonized? Or can they be?
Thus when I click it, I can use some progs to open them.

2. For email links, is it possible to allow for display internally
and/or externally, just like what Gnus does for some kinds of

3. Can email link record which group it's from and its message id?

If so, I wish there is a function to retrieve by message id and catch
all emails in the same thread (from nnml and nnimap groups), and display
them internally in org file.

I know I'm too greedy and shameless to ask so many questions and request
absolute-non-trivial-job features. But I do wish someday these can be

Thanks and best regards,


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