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[Orgmode] org-mode + ? (maybe mtsend.py) = weblog-editor

From: Philipp Raschdorff
Subject: [Orgmode] org-mode + ? (maybe mtsend.py) = weblog-editor
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 01:37:38 +0200


is somebody using emacs + org.mode to publish to a wordpress-blog?

My Idea:

* BLOG-IT: This is the headline
header information about category, if comments are enabled or not etc.
(like it is described in the [documentation for mtsend.py](http:// scott.yang.id.au/2002/12/mtsendpy/)


A more detailed information about the syntax can be found on the mtsend.py website.

About mtsend,py (it works also for wordpress blogs :-):
"It uses XML-RPC exported by Movable Type to retrieve posts, edit posts, make new post entry, fix up categories and list recent posts, etc. It is a command line tool, i.e. no graphical user interface, but it is relatively easy to use."

Would be nice to have an org-mode enabled weblog-editor, but even witout using org-mode, I didn't find a solution for emacs + x = wordpress-blog-editor.

I've the feeling that it could be possible to use mtsend.py and emacs (+ orgmode?) to post to a wordpress blog, but unfortunaly I'm <del>to dumb</del> a newbie when it comes emacs programming.

Any Ideas? Somebody already using emacs and/or orgmode as a weblog- editor?

P h i l

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