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Re: [Orgmode] Bracket Links in org-agenda buffer - small glitches

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Bracket Links in org-agenda buffer - small glitches
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 11:59:26 +0100

Hi Eric,

thanks for the detailed report - this will be fixed in 4.50.

- Carsten

On Sep 18, 2006, at 20:47, Eric J Haywiser wrote:


Some months ago, I inquired about rendering bracket links in the org-agenda view. This now *almost* works, kudos
to ?Carsten? and/or the others who made this fix.

I notice 3 small glitches that remain:

1) Early warning links are not rendered

Consider the following org file:
; ----------------------------------------------------------------------- --

* [[http://www.google.com][Visit Google]]   DEADLINE: <2006-09-18 Mon>

* [[http://www.google.com][Visit Google Tomorrow]] DEADLINE: <2006-09-19 Tue>

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------- --

a call to "org-agenda-list" yields the following view in the agenda buffer provided the org files containing the agenda entries are already open as buffers:

Monday    18 September 2006
  test:       Deadline:   Visit Google   DEADLINE: <2006-09-18 Mon>
test: In 1 d.: [[http://www.google.com][Visit Google Tomorrow]] DEADLINE: <2006-09-19 Tue>
Tuesday   19 September 2006
test: Deadline: Visit Google Tomorrow DEADLINE: <2006-09-19 Tue>
Wednesday 20 September 2006
Thursday  21 September 2006
Friday    22 September 2006
  Diary:       0:03...... Autumnal Equinox (EDT)
Saturday  23 September 2006
Sunday    24 September 2006

where the bracket links for deadlines occuring on a given day are "rendered", but the early warning for the same event (In 1 d.)
does not "render" the bracket link.  Instead the "raw" bracket
link markup is shown.

2) The following seems to be an interesting interaction with org-mouse:

   If one right clicks on the "raw" link to bring up the menu with
   "Open C-c o" etc, the raw link transforms to a rendered link.
   Note that actually selecting a menu item is not required to trigger
   this behavior, just bringing up the menu, then canceling.

Any action that changes the view such as:
         - A call to org-agenda-toggle-time-grid or
         - arrow key paging to next  week
         - etc
unfortunately switches back to the less desirable "raw" link
for the early warning events.

3) Entries coming from emacs diary files also produce "raw" instead of
   "rendered" markup

Thanks again for all the great efforts.  Org is amazing.

Solutions or ideas regarding the glitches are appreciated.


Relevant versions include:

org-mouse: 0.16, 0.18
org: 4.47, 4.49

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