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[Orgmode] BibTeX export question

From: S V N Vishwanathan
Subject: [Orgmode] BibTeX export question
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 01:16:14 +1000
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I want to be able to list all my publications on my home page. Currently
I do it with a dodgy bib2html converter script, but what I would like to
have to manage it via the org-export. More concretely, I want to write
in my org file:

List of my publications:

* \cite{somepub}
* \cite{someotherpub}


#+BIBSTYLE: some style
#+BIBFILE: path/to/a/file

and when I export to HTML, I simply get an output similar to that of
bib2html. But, within org-mode, when I click on the \cite{} links I
would like them to open the corresponding entry in the bibfile.

Alternatively, I could write:


and it automatically gets interpreted as a bibtex link within org-mode
but gets exported as a bibtex entry during export using a default style
(changeable using a #+BIBSTYLE command).

I am sorry if this has already been discussed before or if the
functionality already exists. Browsing thro the manual + a google search
or did not bring up anything relevant. If anything is unclear please let
me know.

S V N Vishwanathan

ps: pls cc me on a reply since I am not subscribed to the mailing list. 
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