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Re: [Emacs-orgmode] Attention XEmacs users

From: Tim O'Callaghan
Subject: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] Attention XEmacs users
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 17:03:04 +0200
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On Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at 03:47:13PM +0200, Carsten Dominik wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> On Jun 20, 2006, at 14:09, Tim O'Callaghan wrote:
> >
> >Also ":" needed to be added to org-link-escape-chars, as below:
> >(defconst org-link-escape-chars '((":" . ":") ("[" . "%5B") ("]" . 
> >"%5D") (" " . "%20"))
> >  "Association list of escapes for some characters problematic in 
> >links.")
> Is there a typo in this setting?  The above setting should lead to an 
> infinite loop, because you keep replacing ":" with ":" when trying to 
> escape the link characters.  And as far as I can see, org-mode passes 
> the file name right through to `find-file'.  Could anyone try to 
> reporduce this?

Sorry, it was a quick hack that seemed to work, and now for some
reason does not. The issue itself still exists though. 

I've tracked it down to the convert-standard-filename call in
org-open-file. If i remove the convert-standard-filename, it does not
recognize it as an efs type file.

Anyway convert-standard-filename is what mangles efs type file
links. My guess is that it may be related to the C:\\filename problem


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