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Re: [Emacs-orgmode] Possible bugs

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] Possible bugs
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 15:45:26 +0200

On Jun 10, 2006, at 14:24, Bastien wrote:

Hi Dominik and all,

Thanks for org-mode.  Here is a quite long list of possible bugs or
strange behavior.

* Fontification: a *bold* is not recognized as such when other than a
  space or a beginning-of-line char surrounds it.  Hence "(*bold*)" or
  "*bold*?" are not fontified.

FOr the coming release I have generalized the emphasis part very much and allowed to configure the regular expression for emphasis matching. The cases you mention above are now covered - I am always hesitant to make make it match too easily because it may match in unwonted places. But maybe I am too restrictive. You are welcome to suggest a better default for the customization variable org-emphasis-regexp-components after the next release.

  Additionnally: "*bold*" at the beginning of a line is also fontified
  with org-level-* face. Maybe org-level-* regexps should made a space
  after the "*" mandatory.

This is already on my list, but takes longer because headline matching happens in a million places in the Org-mode code, in many different ways. For me personally, this is usually not a problem because I like to indent text under a headline, so that a *bold* is usually not at the beginning of the line. But yes, this should be fixed eventually.

* No comment syntax is defined - "#" seems obvious.

How could I miss this????  Thanks.

* DEADLINE/SCHEDULED strings still matched when commented.

Hmmm, yes this is true. I never use comments in org-mode to turn off timestamps and their function. For now, I am not going to fix this.

* The ?" char acceptable in links, which sometimes produces strange


* When TYP_SEQ and TODO_SEQ both end with "TODO" (as they should do),
  then `C-c a t' two redundant "DONE" options.

You should never have both in a buffer, just one is allowed. The result of putting both is not well defined.

* Maybe links in fixed-width environments should be either expanded or
  underlined (except if you got rid of every kind of fontification in
  this environment).

This is really for quoting stuff, so I guess the bug is that font-lock still fontifies in these areas.

I am taking note, but need time to fix this.

* org-store link corrupting gnus-registry ?  I'm using gnus-registry
  and i did remark that org-store-link, when called on an article,
  corrupted the ~/.gnus.registry.el file.  I've no further hint on
  *when* and *why* it happens.  Seems quite random for now.

Any gnus expert around here? I have not idea why and how this might happen.

* Storing an image buffer with `org-store-link' stores the image
  itself (as a read-only object).  I think it would be more convenient
  to have the file-name stored instead of the image.

What is an image buffer?  I buffer visiting a (for example) .jpg file?

Well... enough for today!  Hope this is useful.

Certainly is.  Thanks.

- Carsten

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