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[Emacs-orgmode] Re: timestamps and work logging

From: J. David Boyd
Subject: [Emacs-orgmode] Re: timestamps and work logging
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2006 09:39:10 -0400
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David O'Toole <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Carsten. I have another modest proposal for you :-)
> I notice that org-mode has a concept of timestamp ranges, and a
> function to calculate the length of time in a given timestamp
> range.
> It seems to me that with a small amount of additional work, org-mode
> could:
> ...
> I originally looked at timeclock.el for this, and wrote a simple org
> interface for it, but I want to keep the time logging information in
> my org-files, next to each task description, and separated for each
> client---not all bundled together in a huge ~/.timelog file.
> What do you think? Does it sound like a lot of work? 
> -- 
> Dave O'Toole
> address@hidden

I vote for this also.  I used to use planner, and I liked being able to create
a work report, but didn't care all that much for planner, or the fact that all
the times were in a huge timelog file.

Dave in Largo, FL

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