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Re: [Emacs-orgmode] org-agenda-todo-list-sublevels bug?

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] org-agenda-todo-list-sublevels bug?
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 00:00:07 +0200

OK, there is indeed a bug, exposed because of your setting

   (setq org-agenda-todo-ignore-scheduled t)

which I don't have and therefore the bug did not happen for me. Thanks for taking the time to make me a test file, and for including your complete configuration.

I have fixed this for the next version. I am not sure if you realize this, but this will mean that your example todo list will be completely empty. You ask Org-mode to not treat scheduled items as "open", and you also ask it to ignore the subitems of any TODO. The first setting makes it skip the first headline, the second setting makes it skip the other two.


- Carsten

On Jun 1, 2006, at 17:07, Christian Egli wrote:

Hi all

On Wed, 2006-05-24 at 12:53 +0200, Christian Egli wrote:
I really like the option to hide TODOs that are part of a bigger TODO,
for example

* TODO Organize party
** TODO Invite people
** TODO Find location

Thanks to the option org-agenda-todo-list-sublevels my agenda only
contains the "Organize party" task and is not cluttered with the

However if I schedule the task "Organize Party" the subtasks show up in
the "ALL CURRENTLY OPEN TODO ITEMS". I guess the code to skip the
subtasks should not only be in org-agenda-get-todos but also in
org-agenda-get-scheduled and possibly all org-agenda-get-* functions.

Attached is the test org file and my .emacs. The version of org-mode is
4.35 (from CVS). The *Org Agenda* Buffer looks as follows:

  test:       TODO Invite people
  test:       TODO Find location
Monday    29 May 2006
Tuesday   30 May 2006
Wednesday 31 May 2006
Thursday   1 June 2006
  test:       Scheduled:  TODO Organize party
Friday     2 June 2006
Saturday   3 June 2006
Sunday     4 June 2006

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