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Re: [Emacs-orgmode] global todo list: separators?

From: Piotr Zielinski
Subject: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] global todo list: separators?
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 22:14:08 +0100

On 27/04/06, David O'Toole <address@hidden> wrote:
> Is it possible to have horizontal rules separating the different
> categories in the Global TODO list? That would make it much easier
> for me to read when I am hunting for tasks to schedule.

While on this topic: would it be possible to display more than one
"block" of items in the agenda buffer?  Say you have two tags: "home"
for tasks that you can do only at home, and "anywhere" for tasks you
can do anywhere.  If you want to find out what tasks you can do at
home, you can make the agenda display all tags maching
"home|anywhere".  However, this would intermix "home" and "anywhere"
tasks; it would be nice to be able to display the block of "home"
tasks followed by a block of "anywhere" tags.

What I'm asking for really is some modularization of the construction
of the agenda buffer by providing the user with functions that append
a new block to the agenda buffer.
For example, the default agenda view consists of two blocks: "all
TODOs" and the day or week view.  With modular blocks, I could have an
agenda buffer that consists of three blocks: the list of TODO tasks
"home", followed by the block of the TODO tasks "anywhere", followed
by the day view.

> Also, I would love to be able to hit > on one of these lines, to
> schedule it for Today.

Speaking about scheduling tasks: I'd like to have an option that,
while generating lists of TODO headlines, omits items scheduled for
the future.  The rationale is, since I already scheduled these tasks
for the future, I'm not interested in doing them now.


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