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Re: [Emacs-orgmode] Some suggestions - mostly for non (X)Emacs updating

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] Some suggestions - mostly for non (X)Emacs updating of org mode files.
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 13:23:10 +0200

Hi Tim,

On Apr 25, 2006, at 16:27, Tim O'Callaghan wrote:

* org-save-hooks
  I have an Org file, and to export useful lists from it that i can
  use offline i have to go into agenda mode and export the

  What i think would be cool is if i could just do an export at save
  time. What i think would be cooler, would be that i could specify
  these exports in a #+VAR with TAG search criteria.

  Something like #+AUTOEXPORT TYPE filename <search criteria>
  #+AUTOEXPORT ASCII work_stuff.txt +WORK-HOME
  #+AUTOEXPORT ICAL  home_appointments.ical +HOME-WORK

Arranging for export at save time is not hard, this can be done with hooks and is not a problem. However, I do not understand exactly what you mean with the search options.

Do you mean to produce an agenda buffer with those search options and then export the agenda buffer itself?

Or do you mean to construct another Org-mode document containing only the trees with these tags and export that one?

* Fast Update mode - for minimal editing in another editor
  This is where the **** in the outline is prefixed with a number or
  character, and processed at load time.

  1** TODO This top level task is done archive it
  +** TODO move this one TODO stage further

  Then something in my org config like:
  (("1"  my-mark-done-and-archive) ("+" org-cycle))

At first I did not like the look of this, but after some thinking, this might not be a bad idea, and pretty useful, too. Mind that this will only work if you export the full Org-mode file. If you make a selection first (e.g. in the agenda buffer) and export that, the connection between the selected lines and the originial Org-mode file are broken, and it is not possible to link the autoupdate information back in a safe way.

Then I don't really thing you would have to be able to customize this, as there are only very few operations for which this makes sense:

A****  Archive
T**** Mark TODO
D**** Mark DONE
N**** Cycle TODO to the next state

Can't really think of anything else.

* embedded file link - for tables, possibly images where supported.
  This is something i was thinking about for linking external tables
  into a document. To have the table as a separate document, possibly
  a CSV one converted to tbl mode automagicaly. The basic idea being
  that i can use something other than emacs to update the data in the
  tables and see the updates in my org document.

THis is very hard and really transforms Org-mode files into something which is no longer plain text, so I am a bit worried here. What is wrong about using the proper file link, and then both editing and looking at the external table/file in the proper application?

* an option to export CSV using quotes and commas.

For tables, I take it?

* The ability to change the command prefix from ctrl-c.
  I have migrated from the pinkie killing ctrl to the more finger
  friendly alt and escape keys for most of my (X)Emacs usage.

This is very hard to do. The keymap of Org-mode i extremely full, on many systems ALT and META is actually the same etc. Your best bet for this is to write a mode hook that makes your own key bindings. Just copy the entire define-key org-mode-map section and then hack it your way, wrap a function around it and call this function in org-mode-hook or org-load-hook.

* Agenda Collections.
  Essentially the ability to define org-agenda-files from a #+
  file link. This allows me to separate out work and home for
  example. When i open my work file, it agendas my work org
  files. When i open my home org file it could agenda my home and work
  projects, if i set the links up.
  #+COLLECTION file://blah.org

I can see very much the use of this. The only problem I see is that org-agenda is a *global* command, that is not always called from an Org-mode buffer. Lets say you are loading several org-mode files, with several different COLLECTION lines. Then, if you are in a non-org-mode file, which collection should be used?

In principle I would think that what you want can be done using File Variables already now, for example in the first line of your document:

  -*- mode: org; org-agenda-files: "~/blah.agendafiles"; -*-

But of course it would be more consistent to drive this form a #+ line.

- Carsten

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