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Re: [Emacs-orgmode] font-locking TODO in agenda view

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] font-locking TODO in agenda view
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 00:22:11 +0200

Lets start with the basic stuff.

Hi again Org folks!

1. I'm wondering about the font-locking in the Agenda view when TODO
items are scheduled for a particular day (or even when TODO items are
   included via ...include-all-todo variable.)

TODO items are not fontified currently in the agenda buffer, that is correct. Maybe they should? Mayb I should make the TODO red....

The entire entry does get green if you switch an item from TODO to DONE, using the "t" key.

   I can't get them to font-lock, which means I have no color-coding
   of which tasks are completed and which still remain to be done. Of
   course I can see the red and green just fine when in the actual
   .org file, but it's important for me to see the colors in the
   agenda view (otherwise the agenda doesn't have that at-a-glance

   I've got org-fontify-done-headline set to "t" as well. No effect.

This is something different. It governs if, in an org-mode buffer, changing TODO to DONE should only change the coloring of the keyword, or the coloring of the entire line.

   When a TODO entry has "SCHEDULED:" in front of the timestamp, then
   it shows up with face org-scheduled-today. But so do DONE entries,
   so they look the same and once again I'm without the at-a-glance

Yes, I see what you mean. The green color on the entire entry just means "this is scheduled for today". Other entries show up in the agenda for today for other reasons, for example because there was a missed deadline some days ago. So the color in the agenda view mostly shows *why* an entry is here. but I can see that it would be useful to keep the TODO keywords highlighted.

2. I would like to browse through all open todo's and "pluck" items
   for today by hitting > (which should move timestamp to today.) But
   it says this isn't allowed in "todo-type agenda view". Is there
   another way I can do this?

This would indeed be useful. It is not possible right now because you can only change a timestamo from the agenda view if the timestamp was the reason for it to be pulled into the agenda buffer. In the TODO list (C-c a t), items are linked into the agenda buffer because of their keywords.

But I will put this on the things I will change: Make it possible to schedule a TODO item for today by pressing > on it.

3. When should I use "SCHEDULED:" for a TODO entry?

SCHEDULED is about planning work. Use it when you plan to work on this item on a specific date, some time in the future. This will make this entry show up in the agenda for this day, and, if you fail to mark it DONE, it will keep showing up in the agenda for TODAY until you do.

- Carsten

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