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Re: [Emacs-orgmode] org-4.20: A few observations

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] org-4.20: A few observations
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 22:34:05 +0200

Hi Eric,

thanks for your report and careful observations.

* Observations from using org-4.19d & 4.20

** Problem: table creating with bracket link with font-lock enabled


1) Create a table row with links: OK

2) with cursor at "x" press <TAB> to go to next row: PROBLEM

3) alignment problem persists as row are added

4) Moving cursor outside table and returning then typing <TAB> does
   not resolve the problem.

5) However moving outside table and typing a char, killing line,
   etc. then returning and typing <TAB> fixes alignment

First of all, if anything goes wrong with table realignment, you can always force a realign of the table with C-c C-c which in Org-mode generally has the meaning of "update" (exception: tags).

The org-mode table editor works by re-aligning the table each time you press TAB or RET in a table. When the tables get large, this constant re-aligning does get kind of slow, so the table editor tries to be really smart and do the re-alignment only if necessary. For example, it inserts and deletes characters in table fields, and if the column width is not affected, it does not trigger a re-align. And it also tries to re-insert new rows without triggering a re-align. This has worked really well so far, but indeed with hiding of link text the code inserting a new row without triggering re-align is broken. For now I will fix it by triggering a re-align whenever a new line is inserted. When I get around to it I will fix the insertion code (which is a bit more complicated.

The reason why leaving the table, doing a buffer modification, getting back into the table and pressing TAB fixes the indentation is precisely because then Org-mode know the buffer has changed and a re-align might be necessary, so it triggers one.

6) Alignment after HTML export is correct ;)

Yes, this is fully independent.

** Problem: ispell hangs in org buffers with bracket links when font lock is on

N.B.  This is probably an old ispell.  Can someone running a
newer version confirm this behavior?

I have tried quickly and not seen a problem with 3.6 - but I did not test exhaustively.

ispell-version's value is
"ispell.el 3.4 -- Fri Aug  4 09:41:50 PDT 2000"

** Problem: Strange edit behavior with links

*** Kill-line behavior depends on font lock state with links in column 0
Consider the following pair of links with the cursor on the
blank line between them, executing kill-line
kills next two lines when font lock mode is on but only one line when
font lock mode is off.



*** Not a problem for links in column >1





This is interesting, but right now I don't know how to fix this. Hmmm. I guess this really is an Emacs bug.

** Observation: TODO sequences and dynamic setting of org-todo-keywords

When starting Org-mode, a number of regular expressions are computed and set. Among others, there are the regular expressions matching the TODO keywords and other settings. When you change the settings while Emacs is running, these expressions need to be re-computed. M-x normal-mode does simply restart Org-mode and trigger this. For the same money you could do M-x fundamental-mode and then M-x org-mode. The only way to avoid this would be to compute the regular expressions again before each command using them, which I find not acceptable.

The best way to experiment with TODO keywords in *not* putting Lisp code into the buffer and eval it with eval-region. It is much better to use


in the buffer and then press C-c C-c when you have changed one of those lines to update.

If so, this may be something to put in the info files.  I am also
aware that normal-mode is required after updating HTML style

I don't think this is true, is it?  Which specifications?

However, it may be pleasing for newbies to understand the
reason. C-h f normal-mode isn't particularly illuminating in this regard.

I have tried to explain this well in the documents, but I guess it can be improved. Yes I am not saying much about the "why", but you are the first to care :-)

I'll take another look at the documentation and see if this can be improved.

- Carsten

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