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[Emacs-orgmode] New test version

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Emacs-orgmode] New test version
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 09:04:32 +0200


I have made a new test version of org.el with quite significant
changes.  Maybe there are a few people with some time to test things?

The file is here:


The new features are already documented in org.pdf, please check the
sections 3.2, 4.1, and the first two entries in 10.7.

New link format and display

What I have done is to follow Scott's request (thanks for pushing me
to implement this) and implemented an emacs-wiki compatible
link-hiding scheme.  That means you can write links like

   [[internal text search]]
   [[internal text search][descriptive text]

   [[<http:www.google.com][Google search]]

Font-lock in Org-mode will then make sure that only the link or only
the descriptive text is shown in the buffer.  The brackets and (if a
description is present) the link itself will be still in the buffer,
but invisible.  This goes a long way to clean up the view of an
Org-mode buffer, because some links, in particular those containing
message-ids or search parameters look noisy.

The command C-c C-l will prompt for a description when inserting a
link.  If you use it to insert a link stored with C-c l in another
buffer (for example a link to an email), then the descriptive text
will default to something extracted from the context of the link.  For
this I had to modify the mail interfaces, and it is possible that I
introduced a bug somewhere, please check.

Narrowing table columns

So this was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, it messed up table
alignment, because invisible characters are not treated by
`string-width'.  So I had to fix the table alignment to do this, and
this gave me an opportunity to finally implement something I wanted to
have for a long time.

Sometimes in tables, I need in one or a few fields more information
than usual, for example a number with some explanation.  This was
problematic with org-mode tables, because it would mean that the
corresponding column would become very wide indeed, and the table
more-or-less useless.  So I wanted to be able to limit the width of a
column, while still having a lot of text in it.  This is now possible.
If any field in a column contains nothing but "<10>", than that column
is not permitted to become wider than 10 characters.

Wide fields are clipped for display (by making characters invisible).
You can see the full field in a tooltip window when holding the mouse
over the field.  You can edit such a field in a separate window with
C-c ` (C-c followed by backquote).  Finish with C-c C-c after

So far this seems to work well for my test cases, but I am quite sure
that there may be problems with character sets where not every
character is a single column wide.  However, tables without links and
narrowing should still work fine for such character sets.

Oh yes, narrowing does not work in XEmacs, because the `format'
function in XEmacs does remove text properties.  I could work around
this, but this was way too much for now.

Other changes

- Links have now a new link face, which is underlined.

- Tags are bold-face, but in the same color as the headline.

I hope you have as much fun trying this out as I had implementing it.

- Carsten

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