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feature/pgtk updated (cc0f147 -> ea8bb59)

From: Po Lu
Subject: feature/pgtk updated (cc0f147 -> ea8bb59)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2021 22:00:50 -0500 (EST)

oldosfan pushed a change to branch feature/pgtk.

      from  cc0f147   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 
      adds  e98ca32   Make dired-buffers-for-dir expand the DIR argument
      adds  79825f7   Make keymap-lookup work for keymap results, too
      adds  88ea736   ; * etc/NEWS: Improve recently added entry.
      adds  9ccd3d3   Use defvar-keymap for package-menu-mode-map
      adds  eba5cd3   ; * lisp/dired.el: Remove code commented out since 2000.
      adds  c9cb59b   * etc/TODO: Entry about converting to defvar-keymap.
       new  ea8bb59   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 

Summary of changes:
 etc/NEWS                   |  5 +++--
 etc/TODO                   |  4 ++++
 lisp/dired.el              | 16 ++++---------
 lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el | 56 ++++++++++++++++++++++------------------------
 lisp/keymap.el             |  5 +++--
 5 files changed, 41 insertions(+), 45 deletions(-)

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