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[Duplicity-tracker] [bug #21812] Feature request: differential backups

From: anonymous
Subject: [Duplicity-tracker] [bug #21812] Feature request: differential backups
Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 09:42:31 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #3, bug #21812 (project duplicity):

Something slightly less general than specifying an arbitrary base, but
simpler to use and possibly to implement would be a '--incremental-level X'
command that functions similarly to the traditional UNIX dump(8).

Level 0 is the same as a full backup, and levels > 0 are incremental backups
based on the previous backup with incremental level <= X.  "All" that would
need to be done progmaticly is to ignore all files with a differential level >
X.  This is slightly different than dump(8) which uses <= instead of <, but
more appropriate for a filesystem backed storage where media changes aren't an

Similarly, remove-older-than would have an incremental level option that only
removed backups >= X, allowing you to delete old daily backups but keep the
weeklies.  remove-all-but-n-full could also have a version that specified the
level rather than only operating on full backups, but I would have to think
about how to handle dependencies then.

I think this is far more suitable for scripting than specifying the source
based on a target date or revision, especially without substantially improving
the collection-status output.


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